Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Historic Locations in Türkiye


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Türkiye has been home to a wide array of civilizations throughout history. These civilizations have left behind many priceless historic sites and artifacts. Millions of tourists and locals alike visit these locations each year.

While you learn about the history and culture of Türkiye during your travels, some locations will also offer the perfect view to capture for an amazing Instagram post! Whether you use social media actively or not, these spots will surely create some unique memories.

1- Mount Nemrut, Adıyaman

Nemrut is known as the mountain of the gods. King Antiochus I of Commagene commissioned the site as a tomb for himself, and the gigantic statues of gods were placed at one of the highest peaks of the Mesopotamia. You too can take the perfect picture at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it’s even more breathtaking at sunset!

2- Patara, Antalya

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2020 was declared the year of Patara in Türkiye and the ancient city has many beautiful structures to visit. But perhaps the most Instagram-worthy fact about it is the fact that Santa Claus was born here! That’s right, Old Saint Nick spent his childhood years in this very city. You can add this tidbit to your caption to impress your followers.

3- Alahan Monastery, Mersin

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This gorgeous structure was built in the 5th century AD and played a role in the spread of Christianity in the early days. Today, you can walk between the historic columns and enjoy stunning views from the valley below.

4- Pamukkale, Denizli

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One of the most beautiful natural sites in Türkiye, Pamukkale offers visitors the perfect backdrop for their pictures. The water at Pamukkale is also known for having healing qualities, so you can dip your feet in while you enjoy the view.

5- Zil Kale (Zil Castle), Rize

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Türkiye's Black Sea region is famous for it’s mountains and forests that run along the sea shore. Now add a medieval castle to that view and you have the perfect photo-op for your social media accounts! A fairytale experience awaits you amonst the beautiful greenery of the region.

6- Rumeli Fortress, İstanbul

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The Rumeli Fortress in İstanbul has one of the best views of the city. After visiting the museum inside, you can snap the perfect picture outside with the gorgeous blue Bosphorus behind you. Did you know that the Bosphorus runs between two different continents?

7- The Side Amphitheater, Antalya

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The Archaeological Site of Side is located in Türkiye's popular tourist destination of Antalya. The most precious attraction here is the amphitheater, which has a breathtaking view that would be perfect to share with your social media followers.

8- Cappadocia

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One of Türkiye's most unique destinations is Cappadocia. The landscape is filled with cheerful fairy chimneys and colorful balloons in the sky that you can also ride for a better view. Can you imagine taking a selfie here? 

9- The Varda Bridge, Adana

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This beautiful and historic railway bridge is stunning, right? What if we told you this is the very bridge where James Bond falls from the train in the movie Skyfall? The next time you visit Adana, don’t forget to take a picture here!

10- Ephesus, İzmir

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Ephesus is one of Türkiye's most famous ancient cities. It’s not only on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is located here! So not only will you take some incredible pictures here, but there’s a lot of history to explore too.