Adıyaman The Archaeological Site of Pirin (Perre)

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The ancient city of Perre is one of the five major cities of theKingdom of Commagene, known as Me'arath, Gaza, Pörön in ancient sources, Pirin and Perin in Mesopotamia, and had geographical importance since it was on the road route connecting Melitene (Malatya) to the capital Samosata (Samsat). In the Byzantine period, the city preserves its importanceas it was on a major road connecting the ancient western world to the Persian (Iran) country.Perre, which was known as Hierapolis (Holy City) during this period, joined the Bible Council, which was gathered in Niceae (Iznik) in 325 AD, as a city of Persidas state under the rule of Bishop Ioannes Perdos.The mention of some important bishops in Perre in a letter written by Andreas of Samosata to Alexander in AD 433 shows that the city is also an important city in terms of religion.All these stated above prove that the Ancient City of Perre had both religious and geopolitical importance in ancient times. The city lost its importance after the Byzantine period and could not catch its heyday again.

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