Antalya Atatürk House Museum

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Antalya Atatürk House Museum

This building, where the museum is located, is a two-story masonry stone-walled building. The Atatürk House, which was used as the governor's office for a while and which was given to Atatürk by the people of Antalya after cleaning and furnishing its interior a few days after the news that Atatürk was going to visit Antalya, is a two-story, stone building with a tile roof. There is a long hall at the entrance, a hall to the right of the hall, a room, a bathroom, and a kitchen, two rooms on the left, and a staircase leading to the upper floor. On the upper floor, apart from the hall, there are seven rooms, one of which has a balcony.

After Atatürk's death, Antalya Atatürk House was passed to the Private Administration and was used as the Akşam Girls Art School and Girls' Institute building in 1939. The house, which was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture in 1952, was used as the offices of the Technical Agriculture Directorate until recent years. In 1984, the house was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was demolished because it remained on the street during the implementation of the city's new zoning plan, and the same building was withdrawn and rebuilt by Kepez Elektrik company. The rectangular planned, two-story, two-sided, stone-brick walled building with a tile-covered hipped roof has been serving as the Atatürk House and Museum since 1986.

On the first floor of the museum, you can see the news and photos in the newspapers of the period about Atatürk's visit to Antalya, and you can watch a documentary on Atatürk and Antalya. On the second floor of the museum, there is a room where Atatürk's personal belongings are exhibited and a section where the coins minted from the establishment of the Republic to the present can be seen.

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Antalya Atatürk House Museum Haşim İşcan Mahallesi, Işıklar Caddesi Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
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