Antalya Museum of Lycian Civilizations

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Antalya Museum of Lycian Civilizations

Andriake, which was the outer quarter and port of Myra rather than being a separate city in the Ancient Period, became an indispensable stopping point for sailors with its facilities providing logistic support as well as being a sheltered port for trade ships sailing on the east-west route in the Mediterranean. The port, which has been used extensively since the Classical Period, continued to be the central harbor of the region throughout the Hellenistic, Roman, and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Periods. The Granarium (Horrea Hadriani/Imperial Silo) structure, which is a very special structure with its size of 2300 m2 and its quality that has survived up to its roof, and the Commercial Agora / Plakoma structures immediately adjacent to the east were built (AD 129-130) during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Today's Teke Peninsula, stretching to the Mediterranean between Antalya and Fethiye Bays, is called the Lycian region in ancient geography.

In the museum, archaeological artefacts that have survived from the rich Lycian Civilization with their local traditions and unique tomb architectures are exhibited according to their subjects, supported by interactive presentations. The Imperial Silo of the past, the Lycian Civilizations Museum of today consists of eight halls. The museum halls are named after six big cities with three voting rights in the Lycian League, Arykanda, an important Lycian city, and Antiphellos, the port city. In the halls, Lycian History and Geography, Epigraphy, Coins, Economy and Social Life, and Religious Culture are promoted with artifacts in their historical development, supported by information boards suitable for the contents of the halls, animation, and interactive presentations. In the seventh hall, there is a ship simulation in which the animation of a Lycian port city is performed. The Central Lycia region, which includes the city of Myra, and the part of Western Lycia up to the city of Xanthos, bordered by the Eşen Stream, remain under the responsibility of the Lycian Civilizations Museum. The majority of the museum collection consists of artifacts obtained from excavations in the Lycian region.

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Antalya Museum of Lycian Civilizations
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