Batman Hasankeyf Museum

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In Hasankeyf Museum; artifacts extracted from the saving excavations carried out in Batman, Diyarbakır, Siirt and Mardin under Ilısu Dam and HES Projects, as well as the artifacts obtained from purchases and grants to Batman, Mardin and Diyarbakır Museums are exhibited.Artifacts belonging to Prehistoric Period consist of obsidian and flint tools found during searches conducted in Dicle Valley and Raman Mountain.Stone and bone artifacts that belong to the Neolithic Period are displayed. These belong to Diyarbakır province, Körtiktepe Mound, Demirköy Höyük, Hakemi Use Höyük, Karavelyan Höyük, Grikihaciyan Höyük, Salat Tepe Höyük, Kenan Tepe Höyük Excavation; Siirt Province, Gusir Höyük; Batman Province, Hasankeyf Höyük, Hallan Çemi Höyük, Sumaki Höyük.The Chalcolithic Period artifacts consist of a group of terra-cotta artifacts extracted from the Başur Höyük excavation in Siirt province.Terra-cotta and metal artifacts from the Early Bronze Period that excavated from Siirt province, Başur Höyük, excavation are on display.Terra-cotta and metal artifacts from the Middle and Late Bronze Periods that excavated from Batman province, Gre Cano Höyük are on display.The artifacts belonging to Middle and Late Assyrian Periods like Diyarbakır Gre Cano Höyük, Kavuşan Höyük, Ziyarettepe Höyük, Üçtepe Höyük; terra-cotta and stone artifacts from Mardin Zeviya Tivilki,  Batman, Kuriki Höyük Excavations are exhibited.