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Rumeli Fortress was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet II to control the ships passing through the Bosphorus, before the conquest of Istanbul. The fortress, whose construction started in March 1452, was completed in August of the same year. In historical sources, it is mentioned that 300 masters, 700-800 workers, 200 coachmen, boatmen and transporters worked in its construction. Hisar, lost its importance after the conquest and It has been used as a state prison since the 16th century. Buildings destroyed by the fire in 1746, were repaired in the time of Sultan Selim III. (1789-1807). Hisar, which has not attracted attention for many years, has seen a comprehensive restoration in 1953 during the 500th anniversary of the conquest.

First Opening Date as a Museum: Rumeli Fortress, one of the most important symbols of the conquest of Istanbul, was opened to visitors as a monument museum affiliated to the Hisarlar Museum Directorate in 1968, after the completion of the restoration work initiated in 1953.

Collection Types: The Rumeli Fortress Museum Collection includes, cannonballs which are used during the conquest, cannons from the period of Sultan Beyazid II, late Ottoman cannons, various stone artifacts from the Eastern Roman Empire and the famous Golden Horn chain.

Highlights of the Museum: Rumeli Fortress, which is a medieval structure, has the biggest bastions of its period. Each of the three towers in the fortress had built by three viziers who served as the vizier of the Conqueror Sultan Mehmet II. Çandarlı Halil Pasha Tower's height is 22 meters, Zaganos Pasha Tower is 21 meters and Saruca Pasha Tower is 28 meters.

In Saruca Paşa Tower, whose wooden floors are still standing today, there is a divan hall room that stands out with its acoustics. Graffiti inscriptions on its walls from the period when it was used as a prison still exist.

The two-line naskh inscription above the entrance of Zağanos Pasha Tower is the first Turkish inscription of the Bosphorus.

This unique building, which has survived from the middle ages to the present, is not only remarkable with its architecture but also with its vegetation. A small section of the typical flora of the Bosphorus, in all seasons comes to life in the garden with pine nuts, redbud trees and wild ground cover. In addition, with its three viewing terraces, Rumeli Hisarı is home to one of the most beautiful views in the world.


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İstanbul Rumeli Hisarı Fortress Museum Yahya Kemal Caddesi, No: 42 34470 Sarıyer İstanbul
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