İzmir Teos Archaeological Site

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Teos, which is located in the Sigacik Neighborhood of Izmir's Seferihisar District, is approximately 50km from the southwest of Izmir. According to tradition, first immigrants from Boeotia and then from Athens came to the city where the indigenous had been consisted of Carians. Teos grew rapidly thanks to the sea trade and soon became in a position to send a large part of its people to Phokaia and Ephesos. It gained great commercial importance because of its geographical location. In the city, which has been inhabited since the Protogeometric Period (11th century BC), the Dionysus Temple, the work of Hermogenes who was the most important architect of the Hellenistic Period, the Ancient Harbor, the Archaic Temple (Hekatompedon), the ancient theater at the foot of the Archaic Period Acropolis, and the agora in the southeast of the theatre, Agora Temple, Bouleuterion, cistern and ancient roads constitute some of the important public structures. Teos remained as a city of art for many years, opened its doors to important philosophers and artists of antiquity, played an important role in the enrichment of the city by overseas trade, and became a city that Herodotus referred to as "the most moderate place in the world".

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İzmir Teos Archaeological Site Teos Caddesi, No:59, Sığacık, Seferihisar/İzmir
+90 (232) 489-0796
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