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KAMAN KALEHÖYÜK ARCHEOLOGY MUSEUM was established in 2008 with the economic and cultural cooperation of Turkish and Japanese governments, and was opened to public on 10 July 2010 in order to preserve and exhibit the artifacts obtained from the archaeological excavations in the ruin Kaman-Kalehöyük under the directorship of Dr. Sachihiro OMURA on behalf of the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology.

The outside of museum was formedin the style of a mound by taking the Kalehöyük mound as an example, covered with natural grass, and is the only example in our country and the world in terms of architecture with features such as nature-compatible appearance and sustainable environmental design.Accordingly, itwas awarded the Best Green Museum in 2010in the 'Green Good Design' competition which has beenheld in America since the 1950's.Also, our museum was nominated as a candidate for the 2012 Museum of Europe competition and was selected among the first thirty museums in Europe at the Gala night held in Portugal.

In our museum,the artifacts obtained in Kalehöyük, Yassıhöyük and Büklükale excavations are also exhibited which are carried out by the archeologists of the Japanese-Anatolian Archeology Institute.As a result, the museum collection has reached approximately 5,000 findstoday. In Kalehöyük Archeology Museum, as well as archeological artifacts, the exhibition hall is supported by varioustechnological elements such as models of archaeological settlements, virtual tour screens, 3D work promotion screens, impact vision and holographic animated museum narration systems, and operatesenergetic activities for social adjustment projects with the local community. Additionally, together with the Prince Mikasa Memorial Garden (Japanese Garden), right next to it, museum has a very significant visitor potential.

In addition to the museologicalgeneral activities, the museologicalgeneral activities, our museum put emphasis on educational activities, especially to the education of primary and secondary school students. In this context, "Archeo-School /Summer School" practice is carried out every summer in our museum with the participation of primary and secondary school students. Summer School workshops like Pottery Making, Cuneiform, Clay-Mud Figurine Making, Jewelry Design and Stamp Printing works are carried out, and also, in case of sufficient participation, marbling and Creative Drama lessons are opened. With these workshops, it is aimed to let children learn historical archeology with fun.Students or others who come as a group fromin and out of the province can also benefit from the activities in the Summer School.

Our museum is open to visitors between 08.00-17.00 on seven days a week, and between 08.00-19.00 from April to October as part of the Summer practice.

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Students (Studying art history, archaeology and museum departments in university) Free
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Kırşehir Kaman Kalehöyük Archaeological Museum Fatih Mah. Fatih Cad. No: 69-83-10 Çağırkan/Kaman/Kırşehir
+90 (386) 717-6075
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