Konya Akşehir Nasreddin Hodja Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

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Rüştü Bey, the interrogation judge of Akşehir, had the building constructed in 1914. Turkısh and Armenian craftsman were employed in the contruction of the building, which was planned as the basement and the wooden house with two storeys placed on a wooden base. The Rüştü Bey  Mansion, which was opened to visitors in July 2007 as Nasreddin Hodja Archaelogy and Ethnograpy Museum, has preserved its authenticity until our time.  A mixed culturel texture is observed in the Akşehir District in which varying ethnical groups lived together throughout the history. Therefore, the elements differing from the traditional Turkısh Hauses are frequently encontered in also observed in the Rüştü Beg Mansion. The administrative units and the storage room for ethnographıc and archaeological artefacts are present the ground floor. The second floor is the part where archaeological artefacts are exhibited. There are total 6 rooms in the two floors of the buılding. The artefacts are exhibited according to a chronological order. The third floor is the section where ethnographic works are put on display.


Summer (10/05/2020 - 15/04/2021)
08:00-16:50 (Monday : Close) Saturday 08:00-16:50 Sunday 10:00-16:50
Box Office Closed 16:50
Winter (10/09/2021 - 10/05/2020)
08:00-16:50 (Monday : Close) Saturday 08:00-16:50 Sunday 08:00-16:50
Box Office Closed 16:50

65 and over - Turkish citizens Free
Children ages 0-8 - Non-Turkish Citizens Free
Children ages 0-18 - Citizens of Turkey Free
Students (Studying art history, archaeology and museum departments in university) Free
All Adults (International and Turkish) Free
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Konya Akşehir Nasreddin Hodja Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography Selçuk Mah. Ulu Cami sk. No:20
+90 (332) 812-6981
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