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Kossouth Museum

It is an 18th-century Turkish house located on Macar Street. It is also known as the Hungarian House. Lajos Kossuth (1802-1894), one of the leaders of the Hungarian freedom war, was hosted in this house with his family between 1850-1851 and drafted the Hungarian Constitution in this house. The wooden house with two floors and 7 rooms, located in the garden, was restored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and opened to the public on September 19, 1982, as a museum in memory of Lajos Kossuth. Items belonging to Lajos Kossuth and ethnographic artifacts belonging to the classical Turkish house are exhibited in the museum. In addition, L. Kossuth has prepared a grammar here, which also includes the Polish of Bulgaria and Shumen. This house, which is in the garden and has no windows to the street, has seven rooms and two floors. It is one of the examples of Kütahya civil architecture and the first floor is the selamlik section. Here there is a dining room, a bedroom, and a children's room, as well as a study. In the rooms, there are domestic cabinets, load-bearing cabinets, a fireplace, carved hops, shelves, and ottomans. There are items related to Hungarians in the museum. There are copies of the Turkish grammar book written by L. Kossuth, as well as works such as musical instruments, tobacco stoppers, and plates. Also owned by L. Kossuth 18. a century-old piano, Hungarian porcelain dinnerware and old photographs of Budapest are on display.

Lajos Kossuth                                                                   

Lajos Kossuth, the leader of the Hungarian independence movement who took refuge in the Ottoman Empire in 1849, and 56 refugees with him were hosted in Kütahya in 1850-1851.


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Kütahya Kossuth's House Museum Börekçiler Mahallesi Macar Sokak/Kütahya
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