Malatya Beşkonaklar Etnography Museum and Traditional Malatya House

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Handicrafts, textile printings, clothings and accessories, kitchen tools, lightings, measuring instruments, firearms and edged weapons and seals of Malatya region are on display. Beşkonaklar, where a two-storey mansion with a pinnacle (Cihannüma), a pavilion, and a balcony, and four mansions with similar architecture adjacent to it, which the leading families of Malatya reside and built by Hacı Sait Efendi (Turfanda) and his brothers 120 years ago, are among the original examples of the traditional civil architecture of Malatya. The mansions consist of 2 floors; ground floor and upstairs. Through the leaf door, you can enter the courtyard which is usually used in summer. The spaces on both sides of the hall are used as kitchen-fireplace, pantry and room, followed by the courtyard. There is a sofa in the middle and rooms around it in the upstairs.


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