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Kubat Pasha Madrasa, which was built as a madrasah with an open courtyard in 1557 by Kubat Pasha of Ramazanoğluları, was turned into a museum in 1971 in order to present our historical and cultural values ​​to local and foreign visitors. However, Kubat Pasha Madrasa could not respond to modern museology activities in the display and storage of the works. For this reason, the works were moved to the section reserved for the new museum in the 75th Year Cultural Center Complex, which was built by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1998.The museum, which was in service until July 2018, was closed to visitors due to the maintenance and repair works of the Cultural Center.

In the meantime, the building, which was completed in 1950 and used as a Courthouse in the city for 59 years, was allocated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by the National Real Estate Directorate in 2013 to be organized as the New Tarsus Museum with the opening of the new courthouse. The restoration and display-arrangement works of the building, which were initiated to be used as the New Tarsus Museum, were completed and the museum was opened on 22.12.2020.

There are 805 archaeological artifacts, 404 ethnographic artifacts and 810 coins in the exhibition section of the Yenir Tarsus Museum. Among the archaeological artefacts, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Archaic, Classical Age, Hellenistic Period, Roman, Eastern Roman Period are exhibited. Among the ethnographic works, works from the Ottoman and Republic Periods are exhibited. As coins, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman Period, Eastern Roman Period, Islamic Period (Abbasi, Umayyad, Ilkhanid, Artuklu, Seljuk, Ottoman) and European coins are exhibited.

There are also silicone mannequins, diaromas, ballistroles, and interactives. Our museum also has a masjid, a gift shop, coffee shop, baby care room, and an elevator for our disabled citizens.

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Summer (01/04/2024 - 01/10/2024)
08:30-19:00 Saturday 08:30-19:00 Sunday 08:30-19:00
Box Office Closed 19:00
Winter (01/10/2024 - 01/04/2025)
08:30-17:00 Saturday 08:30-17:00 Sunday 08:30-17:00
Box Office Closed 17:00

65 and over - Turkish citizens Free
Children ages 0-8 - Non-Turkish Citizens Free
Children ages 0-18 - Citizens of Turkey Free
Students (Studying art history, archaeology and museum departments in university) Free
All Adults (International and Turkish) 60.00TL
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Mersin Tarsus Museum Kızılmurat Mah. Atatürk Cad. No:28 Tarsus/MERSİN
+90 (324) 613-1865
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