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Amynthas Ruins

The most famous of the rock tombs, the tomb of Aminthas, son of Hermapias, is located in the south of Fethiye and is built on the steep slope facade facing north, and can be easily seen from the Fethiye Plain. This tomb, which was dated to the 4th century BC with the help of epigraphic studies, is the projected form of the narrow façade of an Ionic "in-antis" planned temple on the rock. Nowadays, a long stairway has been built on the existing path in order to be able to climb it. To the left of the road with stairs, you can climb to the mausoleum with 4 rows of steps. At first glance, in front of the tomb, the Ionic columns formed by carving and shaping the monolithic rock attract attention. There are three rosettes each on the upper parts of the ante wall depictions protruding to the right and left of the tomb just behind the columns. However, the rosettes on the western ante wall were destroyed by the destruction of groundwater that accumulated in the winter months between bedrock. There are two-level architrave on the Ionic columns and geisophodes (tooth cut) on it. There are acroters on the pediment, one of which is completely destroyed and the other two are partially damaged. The entrance to the burial chamber has the same view as the entrance of an "in-antis" planned temple. Wood and metal workmanship is reflected on the rock with great skill. The delicately processed metal nail depictions on the door depiction divided into 4 main panels immediately catch the eye. Aminthas Rock Tomb and other tombs on the same steep slope to the east are known as the best examples of Lycian wood and metalworking. Particularly some of the columns of this tomb group, which is considered to be the symbol of the city, have lost their strength as a result of natural factors and have been torn and worn out.

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