Muğla Sedir Island (Kedrai)

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Sedir Island is the largest of a triple island group in the Gulf of Gökova, full of ancient ruins of spectacular beauty. The necropolis area is located on the mainland and the island attracts attention with its 2500-seat antique theatre, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the basilica, church buildings and the beach of unique beauty.

The legendary love between the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius and the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who gave her name to the island’s beach, has been passed down from generation to generation and reached today. It is rumoured that the legendary golden sand was brought from Alexandria, Egypt by Marcus Antonius for his beloved Cleopatra. Sedir Island is a corner of heaven with its golden beach, turquoise blue sea and cultural assets that shed light on history.

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Summer (15/04/2023 - 15/11/2023)
09:00-18:30 Saturday 09:00-18:30 Sunday 09:00-18:30
Box Office Closed 18:00
Winter (15/11/2023 - 15/04/2023)
00:00-00:00 Saturday 00:00-00:00 Sunday 00:00-00:00
Box Office Closed 00:00

65 and over - Turkish citizens 300.00TL
Children ages 0-8 - Non-Turkish Citizens Free
Children ages 0-18 - Citizens of Turkey 300.00TL
Students (Studying art history, archaeology and museum departments in university) Free
All Adults (International and Turkish) 300.00TL
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Muğla Sedir Island (Kedrai) Muğla İli, Ula İlçesi, Gökova Körfezi.
+90 (252) 214-6948
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