Nevşehir Çavusin Church

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It is by the Goreme-Avanos road, 2.5 km from Goreme. The church is carved into the rock with two floors. There are monks' rooms on the lower floor. The natural staircase leading to the church on the upper floor has collapsed. Today, it is possible to reach the church thanks to the iron staircase made later. The narthex of the church, which has a very high nave, barrel vault and three apses, has collapsed. Archangel depictions can be seen on the narthex. The church was built in 964/965 after the visit of the Eastern Roman Emperor Nicephorus Phocas to Cappadocia. Emperor Nicephorus Phocas, his wife Teofano and other family members are also depicted in the church. Scenes: Annunciation in the Vault, Visit, Proof of Virginity, Escape to Egypt, Yusuf's second dream, Assignment of the Apostles in the way of God, Adoration of three astrologers, Massacre of innocent children, pursuit of Elizabeth, murder of Zechariah; Joseph and Mary on the west wall after the experiment, Journey to Bethlehem, Birth, Last Supper, Betrayal, Christ's descent to Hell, Baptism; Christ on the north wall in front of Platus, Jesus on the road to Calvary, Jesus on the cross, the death of Christ; the entrance to Jerusalem on the south wall, the resurrection of Lazarus, the healing of the blind man, the removal of Christ from the cross, women at the empty grave; Transfiguration is depicted on the apse wall.


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