Nevşehir Mazı Underground City

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Mazı village, whose ancient name was "Mataza", is 18 km south of Ürgüp and 10 km east of Kaymaklı Underground City. Today, only 2 floors of the underground city, which is thought to have four floors, can be visited. Four entrances were identified in different places, the main entrance is through a corridor made of irregular stones. The large bolt stone in the short corridor ensures the entrance and exit of the underground city under control. The small room in the interior is made for the sliding stone to move easily. The barns spread over large areas of the underground settlement are no different from the others. From the stables, a short corridor leads to the church of the underground city. The entrance of this place can be closed with a bolt stone. The underground city, the Mazı Underground City Landscaping Project, which was closed to visitors since 2003 due to the safety of life due to collapses, was completed and opened to visitors again in July 2015.


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Nevşehir Mazı Underground City emenni Mahallesi, Kazım Karabekir Cd. No:10, 50400 Mazı/Ürgüp/Nevşehir
+09 (384) 213-1447
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