Çanakkale Namazgah Fort and Museum

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Çanakkale Namazgah Bastion Museum

It is said that the name Namazgah was given because the general form of the bastion was similar to the "Namazgah" structures in Islamic architecture or because the soldiers prayed collectively here during the war. There are 26 bonnets of various sizes used for different functions during battles.

Bonet, which is in a central location, is exhibited and arranged as a museum area today. At the entrance to the Namazgah Bastion, a 1/100 scale model of the building greets you. Many war objects can be seen in the displays in the table showcases, along with the photographs and drawings found in the historical archives, as well as the pieces unearthed during the archaeological excavations during the restoration. Again, on the information boards enriched with photographs, the events that took place in the Namazgah Bastion on and after 18 March 1915 were discussed.

In the cine-vision section, you can watch the documentary “Reflections from the Deep”, which is about the dives made to the ships belonging to the British and French navy, which were sunk in the Battle of Çanakkale. Thanks to the animation that can be started by the visitors, a short section of the communication process between the Namazgah, Hamidiye, and Mecidiye Bastions during the violent clashes in the Dardanelles on March 18 can be experienced. At the exit of the room, sunken models of the great battleships lost by the Entente navy greet you.

The destroyed and glass-enclosed area that you will encounter while visiting the Namazgah Bastion Museum is the section destroyed by hundreds of kilograms of bullets fired from a warship. Here, it can be easily seen to what extent a very solid and protected structure can be destroyed by ammunition thrown from kilometers away.

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Çanakkale Namazgah Fort and Museum 17900 Kilidülbahir Kalesi Sarı Kule Yanı Kilitbahir Köyü /Eceabat /Çanakkale
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