Hatay Çevlik Archaeological Site

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The Titus Tunnel, located in the Samandağ district of Hatay, is an impressive structure in length and height. The fact that it was made by human hands two thousand years ago increases the magic of the tunnel even more. The construction of the tunnel, located just above the seashore, was started during the reign of Roman Emperor Vespasianus (1st century AD) and was completed during the reign of his son Imp Titus. The tunnel, completely carved into the mountain, is 1380 m long, 7 m high, and 6 m wide, 130 m of which is covered. The purpose of tunnel construction is to divert flood waters, protect the city from floods, and protect the city harbor from alluvial deposits from the mountains. It can be reached by car until the entrance of the Çevlik Archaeological Site, located on the seaside of Samandağ District. A pleasant cultural tour awaits its visitors by walking on the paths to the Titus Tunnel, Beşikli Cave, and Rock Tombs in the archaeological site.


The tombs, which are located approximately 100 m east of the Titus Tunnel and spread over a wide area, were carved into high and rocky slopes. The most interesting rock tomb among them is called "Beşikli Cave" by the people. Beşikli Cave was completely carved into the limestone and has a columned entrance and 12 tombs inside. Inside the burial chamber, there are two cist graves that were shaped by processing side by side and in the same dimensions.


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Hatay Çevlik Archaeological Site Kapısıyu Mahallesi Samandağ/Hatay
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