Hatay St. Simon Monastery

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The Monastery of St. Simone was built in the 6th century AD. According to the legends, the Monastery is told as the place where St. Simone lived on a column for 40 years. It is located on a mountain between Antakya and Samandağ. The monastery ruins are on a 479 m high hill within the borders of Aknehir Town. The St. Simone Stylist Monastery and its annexes are partly carved into the rocks and made of ashlars. It is located on a rectangular area of 132 x 160 meters. It is surrounded by two parallel walls and has entrances from three directions. It still has two entrances. St. Simone is a little boy who started to receive his religious education at a very young age and has since then completely devoted himself to God. It is said that after receiving a very heavy religious education, he came to this mountain and started to live here. His name has been heard by everyone day by day and has begun to be flooded with visitors. Although he was very young, the fact that he was curing diseases greatly exalted him, and that's why the mountain he lived on was called the mountain of miracles. St Simone came here in 541 A.D and died in 592 A.D. After the death of St. Simone, he was buried next to his mother, St. Martha, and a magnificent monastery was later built in his name on his mountain. It is seen that this monastery, which was built with cut stones and by carving the rocks, was built in the form of a cross. St. Simone spent 45 years of his life in the covered and sheltered section he had built at the top of this column.

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Hatay St. Simon Monastery
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