ÇANAKKALE 1915 Trench and Red Crescent Hospital Reliving Areas

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1915 Trench and Red Crescent Hospital Reliving Areas

During the Dardanelles Wars, the mobile hospitals established by the Red Crescent Society played an important role in the region, as well as the hospitals affiliated to the 5th Army Range Organization. It is known that the soldiers injured at the front started to treat their wounds with the materials in the "War Package", which was sewn into their bags. The soldiers, who were carried to their "wounded nests" behind by the medics, were then moved to the "bandage areas" where simple operations could be carried out, and finally to the hospitals behind the front. The revitalization area designed in Alçıtepe offers its visitors the opportunity to experience all the details of a hospital behind the facade.

While visiting the hospital animation, visitors also witness an incident that was considered a war crime in violent clashes in 1915. What happened in a bandaging place bombed by enemy planes takes the visitors to those moments with sound installations in the area.

Among the visiting points, starting from the machine gun trench that protects the hospitals from enemy aircraft, there are teahouse, operating room, warehouse, recording, and first response tents, drying machines and areas called canopy where our soldiers who lost their lives are kept. The infirmary tent, the station where the water dispenser is located and the horse-drawn ambulance is complementary elements of the animation. You should definitely visit this emotionally charged area to see an original field stretcher with a sunshade, on which a soldier injured in the battles of 1915 was carried.

For the homeland; either attack or death...

The Gallipoli Front was one of the bloodiest battlegrounds of the First IA/orld War. The larıd battles that started on April 25, 1915 turned into trench vvarfare in a short time. The trenches, which are of vital importance for the soldiers struggling betvveen life and death, are the representation areas of the war in Gallipoli. The trenches, whose distances are as close as 8-10 meters betvveen them, contain complex war and living spaces that house tens of thousands of people. Trench Reenactment Exhibition has been created with inspiration from the trench battles betvveen Turkish and Anzac soldiers in the Arıburnu region.

Take cover!

We go back to 1915...

As you enter the trench line, you will begin to hear the sounds of collisions reflecting the most violent moments. The engines of reconnaissance aircraft will mingle with the sounds of machine guns and bombs. Times will change and you will find yourself in the trenches of Gallipoli in 1915.

As you advance along the trench line, you encounter the real face of war. Nowyou are becoming a soldier too. While witnessing different aspects of trench life, you will look at the enemy li nes with the trench periscope, you will see a mine tunnel prepared to be blown up, you will pass through the soldiers trying to attack, and you will share the feelings of a soldier calling for medical assistance for an injured friend.

Experience the trench life of our soldiers...

We inviteyou to realize the sacrifices of our victorious commanders and soldiers in the recreated field constructed by the Directorate of Gallipoli Historic Site.

Living in the trench...

Trench Reenactment Exhibition sheds light on the trench life, which is a characteristic feature of the First World War, and offers the visitor the opportunity to experience the conditions of the soldiers at the battlefront.

Alçitepe 1915 Trench Reenactment Exhibition

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ÇANAKKALE 1915 Trench and Red Crescent Hospital Reliving Areas
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