Museum Precautions against COVID-19


5 Minute

Museums and Archaeological Sites in Türkiye have reopened as of June 1st, 2020. Our top priority is the health of our visitors and staff. All of the necessary safety measures have been taken according to public health authority guidelines. We are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for all visitors and are taking extra precautions to protect our visitors and staff. These new procedures are mandatory for all museums and visitors, so we kindly ask you to review our Safety Plan before your next visit, and know that your well-being is always our first priority.

Visitor Safety

  • All visitors are required to wear a mask when entering museums and archaeological sites.
  • All visitors are required to follow the social distancing markers on the ground.
  • Visitors are encouraged to practice personal hygiene at all times.

Staff Safety

  • All employees have received special training on the effects of the pandemic and the safety measures enforced.
  • All employees are required to wear protective equipment.
  • All employees are required to practice social distancing.

Museum Facility Management

  • Entry to museums are now easier, faster and contact-free.
  • The maximum number of visitors permitted inside the buildings are displayed outside.
  • All indoor public areas are cleaned and sanitized several times a day. Museums have been upgraded to include:
  • Social distancing cues and reminders.
  • Visual reminders of hygiene practices.
  • Information posters on the rules and regulations.
  • Hand sanitation stations.
  • Special waste bins for masks and gloves.
  • Limited seating according to the social distancing guidelines.